puzzle game - crypto words

puzzle game - crypto words

We need your help! The computer that is normally used to decrypt the text messages of terror suspects is down after a software upgrade. The analysts think there are several ongoing terror plots, but they need to know what is in the latest batch of text messages. It's up to you to use some old school code breaking techniques to read the encrypted text messages.

The word puzzles are encrypted with a simple letter transposition cipher. You must replace the letters in the puzzle until you can read the original message. Thousands of randomly generated puzzles for extended game play.

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Note: At this time the Java Store is still in it's Beta development phase. I am unable to link directly to this game's detail page within the Java Store because of this. If you wish to preview or purchase this game you will need to find it in the Java Store by entering the game's name in the search box. In the future the Java Store will support direct linking and the search step will be unnecessary.